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Primary School Mandarin Lessons (Prep to Year 6)

Children participating in this group would have developed their second language skill throughout their early years.

However, we do have some children attending our primary school Chinese lesson without any prior Mandarin skills. In our primary classes, we help your children go on to the next step of language learning without pain.

Many traditional after-school programs focus on ROTE learning and other old-fashioned methods of language learning, and having over 30 children in a big classroom certainly does not help our little learners. Children at Kimmba learn through play and the interactive learning module and teacher's captivating teaching methods would inspire a love of Mandarin learning for life. With our structured, fun, and engaging program, we have had excellent results in teaching Mandarin to young children.

To enable children to learn and appreciate the ancient art of writing Chinese calligraphy, we have classes that are suitable for children from 5-12 years old. In the writing class, children spend time learning how to write Chinese characters. Learning to write Chinese is not easy, so children get a lot of practice at it to ensure they become skilled writers.

Our Afterschool Chinese class is aimed at making speaking Mandarin an easy task. We all know that the speaking and writing of any language comes from different parts of our brain, therefore we focus our majority activity on speaking Mandarin in these classes. The philosophy behind the design of this course is to stimulate the children’s brains in the unique and innovative ways.

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