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Kimmba has rapidly established itself as one of Australia’s most innovative and trusted bilingual preschool education institutions since 2007. Families appreciate the wide range of language learning programme types we have been using in order to suit different family situations, a child’s age and timetables.

Welcome to Kimmba Play School at Westfield Shopping Centre

Kimmba Play School is the first Play School in Australia that's providing the broader community the language skills and promoting the acceptance of families and children who come from different nationalities and backgrounds and who speak different languages. At Kimmba, we believe that a society that accepts its peoples’ colours, races, languages, and even religions, is a successful, well-functioning society and one in which we would like our children to live and grow. As migrants, we would like to see multiculturalism in Australia continue to succeed and in doing so promote the diversities of the world’s cultures without any language barriers, therefore, everyone can become the star of their own language: Mandarin Stars, German Stars, Spanish Stars, and many many stars of your origin. 

Recent research has shown that once good learning habits have formed the foundation for a child from a very young age, in relation to know how to obtain information from the world around him, then, they are more than likely to succeed in their future academic study and later develop into an individual who is sociable and well balanced. This concept is exactly what Kimmba Play School's various types of preschool bilingual learning program offers.

Kimmba has been operating Playgroups in the Doncaster area since 2007 in a Not-For Profit setting prior to Play School. We were the very first multi language playgroup in Victoria that continues into the Play School today at Westfield Shopping Town Doncaster and Westfield Southland.

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