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Kimmba Play School Kimmba Play School Kimmba Play School Kimmba Play School

Kimmba offers a wide range of Playgroup Program for children of different ages from birth to primary school years.

Kimmba Play School is a single module language education program provider. it's program design is focusing on children and their carers to come together and enjoy new language learning experiences, meet people from a range of cultural backgrounds and swap ideas about child-rearing in a small group setting. Each class has a qualified language teacher who guides children through a range of learning activities. Carers can get involved or simply observe their children enjoying these engaging sessions from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

At Kimmba, we specialise in helping families learn a second language even if they don’t already have a background in that language, for example, families who don’t speak Mandarin at home but would like their children to learn Mandarin from a young age. If that is you, you’ve come to the right place. The teachers at Kimmba have special skills to help your family gain confidence in speaking another language with ease. Currently we offer programs in either Mandarin, Spanish or English.

Infant Session

The session is specially designed for babies between 0-14 months. This structured program incorporates flash cards aimed at exercising babies’ memory and acquiring speech development at an early age. Babies will also gain beneficial exposure to vocabulary building and gross motor skill development through singing, dancing and a series of fun-filled physical, auditory and visual stimulation activities.

Toddler Program

It is suitable for toddlers between 13 to around 30 months. It is a structured program that aims at helping toddlers build up new vocabularies and follow instruction in the target language. Puzzles, reading picture books, group games, play dough, cut and paste, colouring in, singing, dancing, show and tell, and story time.

Mixed Age Program

This is suitable for families with toddlers and babies. It is a structured program aimed at the toddlers (the main learner) but includes babies as well. Activities in this playgroup are similar to the toddlers’ playgroup, with a more flexible plan to accommodate little ones.

Kinder Class

This program is designed for toddlers who are older than 30 months old and have shown some signs of becoming independent and participating with minimum parental participation. It is a two-hour structured program, which aims at helping kinder-aged children to learn through theme orientated play. The program helps them develop concentration skills and learn how to focus by participating in group and individual games. The activities include literacy, drama and speech, fine motor skill development, singing, dancing, show and tell and stories.

Afterschool Program

This program is designed for Prep to year 2 students who are attending primary school. what set us apart from the traditional Chinese teaching is the teacher's ability to captivate young learners' interests and imaginative through interactive learning, makes learning Chinese so much more fun and memorable. It is a two-hour structured program, children would involve in a variety of activities through topic orientated Chinese curriculum. The program helps these young learners to develop concentration skills and learn how to begin their Chinese literacy learning in a group setting. The activities include literacy, writing, speech, fine motor skill development, of course a lot of Chinese songs, fun games, drama play, show and tell and stories.


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