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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children (0-12 years) the chance to learn a foreign language: Mandarin (Chinese), English, German, French or Spanish in a structured, fun based innovative language program and grow up a bilingual citizen of the world. Kimmba Play School's language learning setting can be enjoyed via the regular class module so that parents can participate in a program with their child on a term by term basis, or on a casual class basis that enables them to assess the new language they have immersed their child in whenever suits their timetable.

Who Are We?

Kimmba Play School is the first Play School in Australia that is aimed at providing the broader community the language skills and promoting the acceptance of families and children who come from different nationalities and backgrounds and who speak different languages. We believe that a society that accepts its people's colours, races, languages and even religions, is a successful, well-functioning society and one in which we would like our children to live and grow.

As migrants, we would like to see multiculturalism in Australia continue to succeed and in doing so promote the diversities of the world's cultures without any language barriers.

Each of our preschool language sessions has an Early Childhood qualified bilingual teacher to nurture and encourage these new stars in the chosen language. They are guided through a range of learning activities that involve art, dance, music, cooking, and physical activities to captivate their little wondering minds.

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