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Learning Story - Lego and Mathematics

Following on from the great article at the Spoke, we recently saw a great example of this in our play school. Quality innovative early language learning program will enable children to be creative, it challenges their mind set, and through the use of open-ended play method to encourage the children to problem solve. This learning experience we provide in Kimmba Play School enhances the children’s mathematical thinking spontaneously during the language session.

Recently, during one of our play group sessions, a group of boys were patiently placing ‘lots’ of lego pieces together to measure the length of the room. After the lego pieces had filled the length of the room in a line (as a ruler), these boys grouped this line of lego into piles of 10 to ‘count’ how many lego pieces there are. They then used their mathematical skills of adding and subtracting the lego pieces that they break up from the line to form the unit of 10 so they can collectively work together to ‘count’ again: ‘how many “tens” are there’?

Then one of the boys discovered that all of this hard work was actual math so he approached the teacher and asked:  ‘Are we doing math? Because we are counting 1 to 10, and lots of 10s’. The other boy joins in the conversation: ‘yes, we are doing math, and it is fun because we have to put a lot of pieces together to make into “ten” first’.  ‘No’, the third boy says, ‘it is not just math, we are doing science’. The teacher asked: ‘because????’ They said, because we are measuring how long the room is and how many lego pieces do we need to measure it’. 

Well done boys. You are all right.

We are not just learning Chinese, we’ve had a wonderful experience of open ended play, fun interacting with each other and finding, collect, pairing, and measuring the length of the room. This group of children’s mind set was challenged, their mathematical skills are encouraged, their thinking skills and problem solving skills are promptly acknowledged and this mathematical enriched learning experience provided this group of children the opportunity to think outside of the square and allowed them to explore opportunities of learning Math in a fun and innovative way. Most importantly, their minds are enriched.

They negotiated during the play, they make a plan to ONLY use the same size lego pieces to for the line so they can count the room length accurately. They organized, discussed the role of collecting the lego, bring them to where they want to measure, putting them together, and finally, count. Our teacher’s excellent ability allowed the nurturing of these young learners through the open ended play experience, and the results are evident.

Most parents appreciate Kimmba Play School’s innovative language learning program, which enriched their child’s early learning in a very short space of time. Contact us if you would like your child to learn through this playful experiences and attending similar classes like this.