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    Why is childcare such a hard sell in the federal election?

    Most politicians and voters see "childcare" as a service to help parents get back to work and not for the important impact it has on a child's development. Instead most of the discussion focuses on mums (mostly) going back to work. Of course this is an important issue in itself and a big concern for families in Australia everyday, but we shouldn't forget the impact good early childhood education has on a child's development and following school path. As this article points out, "we don't make decisions about whether children can go to school based on how much their parents work and earn".

    Seeing the importance of early childhood education in the crucial first years of a child's life, this article shows that politicians are missing the point when it comes to childcare. It is not just about parents knowing that their child is cared for while they are at work, but most importantly that children will reach their full developmental potential through good quality early childhood education. This is so important as "children's sensitivity to learning in many areas, such as language and understanding symbols, peaks before the age of five".

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