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    Teaching Children a Foreign Language

    "I think learning a foreign language early helps stimulates their minds and will give them a positive attitude about learning languages and other cultures, even if they don't continue."

    Teaching children a foreign language helps with their brain development and lays the foundation for lifelong academic achievement. It doesn't really matter what language a child is learning or if they don't become fluent, in any case it will teach them a way of looking at the world with openness and critical thinking.

    Parents don't even need to be fluent in a language themselves, maybe there is a grandparent or a nanny to solely speak a language to the child. Otherwise there is also the possibility to enrol a child in a foreign language school, a childcare center that offers a foreign language program or join a foreign language playgroup.

    The best way for children to learn is through play. They will stay engaged and respond to language instruction if it's taught in a fun and interesting environment and if words and phrases are incorporated into games and songs. This way children learn without even realising it. For the ultimate language boost, visit the country the language is spoken. Total immersion for a couple of weeks will have an amazing effect of your child's language speaking abilities.