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    Positive Parenting

    We at Kimmba believe, that using lots of communication and dialog to discuss emotions and empathy is a great way to engage children and influence their behavior and support them. We think it is absolutely possible to raise children without punishments and behavior guidance is not suitable for young children. Instead of telling children how and what they have to do, we see ourselves as mentors who support and engage them rather than step in at any situation that arose. We invest a lot in communication and modeling good behavior at our Early Learning Center.

    There is a reason why Denmark is the happiest nation in the world and we think that we can learn something from them or at least take something away from reading this article. For example they don't have the phrase of "terrible twos", instead they use the term "trodsalder" or "the boundary age".

    This great articles that supports this kind of approach and we thought parents might be interested in getting to know about it.