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    New study shows that one in five kids are not ready for school

    A new study shows, that one in five Australian Children are not adequately prepared by the time they start school. The numbers are even twice as high for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children who do not have the motor skills, communication skills and social or emotional wellbeing necessary for school.

    The figures once again show, that there is a high need for more government funding when it comes to preparing children for school, according to education advocates. Samantha Page from Early Childhood Australia points out, 'the research tells us that early education programs are great for children and really amplify their development.' She also makes clear how important it is, to make parents, the public, economists and politicians understand 'that what happens during the first five years of a person's life has a significant, lifelong impact.'

    Even though pre-school participation has improved since 2009, younger children are still missing out. On a global scale of countries ranked by the OECD Australia ranks behind New Zealand and the UK when it comes to participation of three-year-olds in quality early learning. Ms. Page points out, that 'we need early learning to be just as a right to young children as primary school education.'