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    Debunking common myths about raising bilingual children

    Even though many studies show that raising children bilingual has a multitude of positive effects on their development, there is still a lot of prejudice and concerns when it comes to raising children bilingual. The most common ones being, it will cause delay in their development, bilingual children lag behind their peers and will not catch up as well as concerns about if children will confuse the two languages. This article gives an interesting insight into those common myths and shows that they are indeed not true.

    Bilingual raised children are just like all children meaning that they development can vary in a multitude of ways. Some will catch up with language development sooner, others later. In most cases bilingual raised children will be native speakers of two languages. For parents who want to raise their children bilingual, this article gives great advice what to consider and how to help your child. The most important thing is to be encouraging and patient. It is obviously more challenging to acquire two languages at the same time. Putting pressure on your child, will take the fun out of learning.

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