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Fun in our Toddler Chinese Playgroup Session with Parents

'Play and Learn Chinese' is the best way to engage both first language speakers and non-Chinese speakers in a small group setting where children see each other every week. Children learn and develop in the context of relationships with others, therefore, the first learning experience children have away from home is very important. When they experience warm, responsive, and secure relationships from our weekly Chinese sessions, it builds their confidence, sense of identity and understanding of the world around them. Thus, we encourage children to play, to touch, to feel, to explore and to wonder while we facilitate the individual learning style for each child in the group. Mums and dads and, sometimes, the grand parents or nannies participating in our toddler groups are always ready to give the little ones a hand during the session. We follow their interests to scaffold and build on their existing knowledge from home and assist them with gaining the confidence to explore the world around them in language enriched, fun and engaging weekly playgroup language sessions.

Meet our Guest French Teacher Marie Aude

Introduce our guest French teacher to prospect Kimmba French play group families and children. Marie Aude is looking forward to meeting you soon! Click this link for more details now:

Learning Story - Lego and Mathematics

Following on from the great article at the Spoke, we recently saw a great example of this in our play school. Children are able to patiently place ‘lots’ of lego pieces together to measure the length of the room. After the lego pieces had filled the room in a line (as a ruler), these boys grouped this line of lego into ‘ten in a pile’ to ‘count’ how many lego pieces there are. They then use their mathematical skills of adding and subtracting the lego pieces that they break up from the line.

Our innovative programs enrich your child’s learning

A quality early learning program will enable children to be creative, problem solve in innovative ways, and take reasonable risks during the process.